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About The Owner

Meet WyKisha


The TwenTea Company is the innovative brainchild of WyKisha McKinney, founder and CEO.  The inspiration behind our 20% pledge and the #HaveTeaWithMe creed stems from WyKisha's experiences as a survivor of suicide loss after her brother's death in 2004, her personal struggles with major depression, and as a long-time advocate and volunteer for nationally recognized organizations like the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  With an extensive background in nonprofit management, she has a strong belief in building sustainable programs and services with high impact.  She is a highly sought after speaker and enjoys helping survivors of suicide loss find purpose and hope after their loss.  WyKisha can often be found travelling across Texas with her husband and four children ( two human and two canine),  or forcing them to watch Dirty Dancing or I Love Lucy.  In addition to these things, she loves trees (more like she's obessed), high-heeled shoes, Prince, and a 35-year old stuffed dog she named "Sad Sam".  

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