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The TwenTea Company is committed to improving suicide care and creating suicide-safe communities.  When you purchase a product from TwenTea Co., we give 20% of the profit toward this cause.  

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Teas fit for Summer!

With summer in full swing, you may think it's too hot for tea.  We get it! That's why many of our teas serve well hot or iced!  Check out these teas for a cool refreshing summer time beverage.

Be sure to stop by our Tea 101 page for cold-brewing tips and some great iced-tea recipes.

TwenTea News & Events

Charity Pop-Up Shop

TwenTea's Pop-Up Shops are our signature retail events designed to engage the community in raising awareness of and money for suicide prevention in their areas. 20% of the profit from the pop-up shops goes directly to local organizations involved in suicide care. 

Host a Private Tea Party

Put your pinkies down and the crochet doilies away! This isn't your average tea party.  You and your guests will get to sample and order some of our featured products and even win some prizes through games and activities.   

Where's TwenTea Today

TwenTea is always on the move, and we would love to see you.  Check out our calendar of events to find out where we are today.


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