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The TwenTea Company Mission


In the United States, a person dies by suicide every 11 minutes. 

In time it takes to make and drink a cup of tea, a life can be saved. 


Social support and connection are key protective factors against suicide. Positive and supportive social relationships and community connections can help buffer the effects of risk factors in people’s lives.  


The TwenTea Company creed, #HaveTeaWithMe, is our belief that meaningful connections with caring people, like having a good talk over a hot cup of tea, can help save a life. 

We are committed to supporting suicide care which is why we pledge 20% of our company's profits toward raising awareness for suicide prevention and supporting organizations involved in suicide care. 

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Fundraising Opportunities

Looking for an easy way to raise money and awareness for your cause, at no cost to you?  

Partner With Us! 


While the primary focus of The TwenTea Company is suicide prevention, we happily support all charitable causes. 


Here's How It Works

1. Contact us with information about your agency and your fundraising campaign (Must be a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt organization). 

2.  Set the dates for your fundraising campaign.  We will design a specialty sampler set just for you AND our customers will have the option to contribute to your cause as well. 

3. Promote your campaign to your supporters. 

4.  10% of the profit at the end of the campaign is donated to your organization and 10% is donated to The TwenTea Company mission. 

Contact Us to Start Your Campaign Today!  

Charity Pop-Up Shops

While our products are always available online, our charity pop-up shops provide a unique opportunity to experience our products while also engaging the community in raising awareness of and money for suicide prevention. 20% of the profit from the pop-up shops goes directly to local organizations involved in suicide care.

Subscribe to our email list to be the first to get information on our next pop-up shop.  

Contact us to learn how you can host a pop-up shop in your area. 

Meet Our Friends

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