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Steeping Instructions 

Follow these helpful steps for the perfect cup of tea

Brewing Chart

  • Start with fresh, cold water.  We recommend using filtered or bottled water for a better taste. 

  • Bring water to a boil*, and pour over the tea as soon as it reaches boiling. Do not place the tea in the water as it boils.  Over-boiling will make the tea taste 'flat'.

*For optimum taste, we do not recommend using a microwave to boil your water.

  • Use 1 tea bag per 6-8 oz. cup, or 1-2 teaspoons of loose leaf tea. Keep in mind a traditional tea cup is about 6 ounces.  Mugs will hold more water; therefore, you will need to adjust the amount of tea you use accordingly.

  • Ensure that your tea bag or tea infuser is fully submerged in the water.   

  • Brewing time varies according to the type of tea.  See the brewing chart below for guidance.   

  • Remove the teabag or infuser as soon as tea is finished to avoid over-steeping and bitterness. 

Consider Cold Brew

  • Add 4 tbsp or 4 teabags to 1 qt. of room temperature or cold water. 

  • Refrigerate green teas, white teas, and herbals for 2-6 hours and black and oolong teas for 6-10 hours.  Adjust to your taste. 

  • Strain, sweeten, and serve. 

Black Tea

Bring water to boiling temperature.

brew 3-5 minutes.

Green Tea

Heat water to just before boiling temperature.

brew 2-4 minutes.

White Tea

Heat water to just before boiling temperature.

brew 2-3 minutes. 

Oolong Tea

Bring water to boiling temperature. 

 brew 5-7 minutes. 

Red/Herbal Tea

Bring water to boiling temperature. 

brew 5-7 minutes. 


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